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How can parents & teachers support North Side Elementary?

  • Join North Side PTA.

  • Membership is only $5

  • Participate in fundraisers.

  • Volunteer to help with PTA events (your time, or specific items, monetary donation).

  • Attend family activities.

  • Attend PTA meetings.

PTA uses funds to buy AR books, provide an annual scholarship to one North Side Elementary School alumni student, help with funding special projects, support classrooms, and more!

Purchase a grade level t-shirt for $5.


PTA Board Members (2022-2023)

Chad Moore, Principal

Sydnee Debusk, President

Samantha Bradfield, Vice President

Josh Scott, Treasurer

Bri Reece, Secretary

Cody Patterson, Staff Representative

Lauren Temm, Staff Representative


Last Updated: November 8, 2023